Active Soul Adventures is the inspiration needed to claim the woman that you want to be!

Our adventures are designed for women who are ready to break out of their shell in order to liberate themselves in fully embracing their truth and wellness.

How to make a leap of faith into a life full of adventures, new exciting things, fulfillment and fun?

Begin your journey with a Mother’s Nature Guide to Self-Care through The Hungry Soul

Hungry Soul


The Hungry Soul’s agenda is to awaken individuality and foster being true to one’s soul through the incorporation of self-care practices. Through a healthy mix of guided exploration, discussion, sharing, playing and nourishment a plan will be created to implement small steps of self-care to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life.

You deserve to live the life you were meant to live and to have the energy to do it!

" Self-care activities are the oxygen mothers (caretakers) need to feed our minds, body, emotions and soul"

Andrea Fox

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of claiming your own unique brilliance and originality through the process!

Grab some paper and pencil and get ready to expand your life’s vision! Learn More

The Adventuress

Woman walking on railway track

Then follow up with Mother Nature’s Guide to Eventful Living through The Adventuress.

The Adventuress encompasses the delivery of recreation activities and programs designed to provide leisure experiences which build confidence and community. There is no membership, which allows options and a variety of choices to choose from. You are not asked to conform to a set of ideals as individuality is applauded. You can arrive alone as we value inclusive participation. And, you need no previous training as you gain instruction.

Go grab a sweater and get ready to expand your capabilities! Learn More